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Bell Inn

18 Angel Row, Nottingham

In 1276, an assembly of Carmelite monks arrived at Nottingham, with purchased various pieces of land. They then established a friary on what is now Friar Lane. This property was extended to include the present site of the Bell Inn. The cellars of the Bell Inn are a combination of natural sandstone and hand carved caves, dating from the 12th century. A secret wooden hatch in the cellars leads to an old bonded warehouse. Now the Bell Inn is a Second-grade protected building with history from 1437. From carbon dating of timbers, The building dates from 1420. It was a refectory for monks that became a secular wine house in 1539, following upon the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry 8th. It was , locals knew, by locals as the Bell Inn since that date, having taken its name from the Angelus Bell that hung outside. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an elderly man called Robert, who appears frequently and who calmly saunters through the restaurant. Two rather grey looking men are seen sitting at a table in the same restaurant. Both of whom would disappear when spoken to. The women’s toilets are home to a female phantom. The ghost of a jester from the medieval period struts in a jaunty fashion along the pavement outside the Bell. Famous cricketer, William Clarke, left behind his bricklaying job to become proprietor of the Bell Inn in 1812. He married the property owner of the Trent Bridge Inn, with established the Trent Bridge cricket ground.