Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Newark and Sherwood

Durham Ox

Church St, Orston, Nottinghamshire, Wellow

The phantom woman, who haunts the Durham Ox, expired after being hit by a runaway horse in the village. Her body had been taken to the pub for the authorities to attend and hold an inquest. Often this ghost meanders throughout the pub. However, usually does no harm. Over two hundred years old, either this inn is also haunted by a small woman or a child arrayed in a cloak. One night a new proprietor was serving drinks in the bar when the little imp brushed past her leaving cold finger touches on her arms. The proprietor let out an unearthly scream and a local man said, “Oh, at it again eh?” The Durham Ox is reputed to be home of two other ghosts. One story is of a young boy. He drowned in water well in the cellar. The other phantom , people have claimed, to be a former customer. He died in the pub having a pint of beer.