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Ye Olde Ramme Inn

34 Church St, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

This four centuries old inn had connections with the wool trade, hence its name. There are historical records that there was a secret tunnel between the inn and a local priory. The Olde Ramme exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include at least two monks, who have manifested during the day. Legend has it that the two were crushed to death in a rock fall when travelling to the priory through that tunnel. Some years ago, renovation revealed the wattle and daub of the original tavern. Prior to that, again during renovation, a 17th century clothes press someone found. In 1817, a girl looking for work in Mansfield , an assailant took this person’s life, by a scissors grinder, Charles Rotherham. He tried to sell her few possessions in Ye Olde Ramme. It was arrested and later hanged. Her ghost sporadically appears at the inn. It is also at a nearby memorial stone dedicated to her.