Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Lincoln

The Witch and Wardrobe

21 Waterside North, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

A riverside pub, it someone named after the book by C.C. Lewis published in 1950. This was a fantasy book for children, set during the Second World War. Apart from being an impressive building, the inn sign is of the most attractive design. It is on the River Witham, a mysterious Celtic or pre-Celtic name. Built in the old part of Lincoln, parts of the structure are from the 13th century. During restoration work in the 1970s, a spiral wooden staircase was discovered. Legend has it that a former owner of the building had fallen down this and broken her neck. She is one of the ghosts to haunt the premises. In the past, it has been a mortuary for children. It may well be that is the ghosts of those long dead children haunting the pub, as it is, for the most part, poltergeist activity. Pumps have turned on with no one nearby, ice has been thrown around, with the voices of invisible people are detected. A paranormal investigation team visited during 2010. Although they made no sightings of the ghosts, they did pick up disembodied voices.