Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Lincoln

The White Hart Hotel Lincoln

Bailgate, Lincoln

It must be true; a television programme was made of the ghosts and apparitions that haunt this 600 years old establishment. In the oldest part of the inn resides the earthly spirit of a child murdered by a rat-catcher many years ago. Outside, in the orangery, a ghost highwayman has been viewed, complete with cloak, tricorne and pistol. Other ghosts include a young man who shot himself in unrequited love, with an elderly man wearing a smoking jacket and cravat. However, to top it all, there is the apparition of the ‘Ginger Jar Ghost’, said to wander the third floor hunting for his stolen confection. At Lincoln Cathedral, a priest- like man from the 17th century , witnesses have seen, climbing the steps of that building. Coincidentally, the bells have pealed and legend has it that a number of ghosts of praying monks occupy the cloisters. Also at the cathedral is an immovable bloodstain on the floor. This was the spot where a stained glass window master landed after leaping from the gallery. He had become depressed when his apprentice created a superior window from the master’s off-cuts.