Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Lincoln

The Lion and Snake

79 Bailgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

It is a curious name for a pub. However, may have come from what people called a ‘combination pub’. This frequently occurred in the 18th century when a publican changed licensed premises. He took the old name with him and added it to the new name. The Lion and Snake now presents as an early Victorian pub in the old quarter of the city. There are several ghosts haunting the building, with the best , locals knew, is ‘Granny with the bun’. This hairstyle was popular from the 1920s.The ‘granny’ that haunts the Lion and Snake has been around for many years, with accepted by licensees as being harmless. When her apparition has walked along corridors, residents have squeezed against walls to allow her free passage. However, she passes as though they were not present. Meanwhile, down in the bar, the ghost of a dishevelled, elderly man is enjoying a pint of beer. Whenever anyone goes near to inspect the apparition, he dissolves through a wall.