Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Lincoln

The Green Dragon

31 Waterside North / Broadgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

The name of this breath-taking looking pub identifies with the crest of the earls of Pembroke. It has unique history from the early 1470s. It was most likely a previous home. Bricklayers modified the Green Dragon was in the 1950s, as it quickly shows up. An odd name for an inward city zone, Magpie Square, site of the pub and recommends it was a territory occupied by such flying creatures. Nonetheless, as per notable moves, there was a past inn on the site called the Magpie. In 1827, the Green Dragon records as having it stables, showing it was a previous instructing inn. The apparition that frequents the pub, Mary Cooper, records as being in habitation even before the proprietor authorized it. Reports assert that to have been a servant at the pub. When she shows, eyewitnesses see her smoking a channel and wearing eighteenth century style harsh garments. Further, numerous considered her in charge of phantom exercises for example, breaking jugs, turning off lager pumps and improving furniture. On one event, she showed and snapped an expansive meat cut fifty-fifty preceding witnesses in the kitchen.