Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Lincoln

Strugglers Inn

83 Westgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Sometimes this inn's name is "Help Me through This World" or Struggling Man. It shows on the inn sign a man struggling through a globe, with His head and arms on one side of the sphere and his legs on the other. Charles Hindley, in his Tavern Anecdotes and Sayings, maintains it is man showing he has arrived so far by his own exertions, ‘Now help me to accomplish the rest.’ Others maintain it is a ‘drunkard’s cloak’ a beer barrel fitted on as a jacket as punishment in Puritan period. The Strugglers at Lincoln exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the dog of a former customer and poacher, William Clark. Authorities hanger him at Lincoln Gaol for murdering a gamekeeper whilst poaching. The dog returned to the pub, with after it died, was stuffed and kept in the bar. Now the ghost of that hound , witnesses see, sitting near the bar, where he howls for a short period and disappears. Occasionally there are scratching sounds and whining. However, there was no manifestation.