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Talbot Inn

Belgrave, Leicester

Named after a type of hunting dog, bred by the earls of Shrewsbury in the 15th century, this Talbot Inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an exotic ghost, ‘Hairy Mary’. Mary Dawson was one of the 41 licensees of this pub since 1606. She died in 1764. She is one of the resident phantoms here. A woman who worked here told an investigative reporter that she saw Hairy Mary on several occasions. She described the ghost as being dressed in black, with a most malevolent expression upon her face. After glaring for a few seconds, she disappears into a wall. The ghost of a little boy, said to have been the son of a previous proprietor, , witnesses have seen, sitting by the fireside, waving his legs back and forth. Another persistent apparition is a man wearing an old-fashioned cape, with carrying a large leather purse. The Talbot was the last pub used by convicted outlaws on their way to be hanged at Red Hill Gallows nearby. After execution, some of these bodies were returned to a mortuary at the Talbot. This was for the surgeons to conduct medical tests and improve their knowledge of human anatomy.