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Travellers Rest Country Inn

Brough Lane Head, Brough, Bradwell, Hope Valley

The Travelers Rest is situated in antiquated town that local people knew as Bure in 1195; it is Old English for a fortress or stronghold. This inn is a low greystone building with a slate rooftop. It shields beneath various slopes in High Peak. It shows spooky signs. These incorporate the phantom of a nearby young farm girl. She tumbled down a staircase whilst she was attempting to escape the grasp of a tanked worker one Christmas Eve. She was lethally harmed. She supposedly returns every Christmas Eve. Jill Armitage, in her Ghost Walks through the Peak District, lets us know that in 1974, an ex-proprietor sat to wait for her. Also, another ghost shows up here. Eyewitnesses depict her as wearing a long dark dress. She grasps a huge group of keys. This apparition had been seen a few times by an ex-landlady, Dora Happs.