Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in High Peak

Innkeeper's Lodge Castleton, Peak District

The Castle Vintage Inn, Castle Street, Castleton

Jill Armitage recounts four phantoms in her Ghost Walks through the Peak District. At this seventeenth century inn is the soul of a young lady whose fiancée absconded on their wedding day. She died of a broken heart and there are resonances of her sobbing. Despite everything she meanders as a phantom. Moreover, there is the apparition of a man wearing a blue pin-stripe suit joined by an Old English sheepdog. He is seen walking around one bar. Winnats Pass, a chasm close to the town on the old road course, manifests two youthful sweethearts killed by neighbourhood mineworkers in 1758. Why not visit Castleton on May 29th when a Garland Day is held to commend the restoration of Charles II?