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This is about my camping trip in Edale, Derbyshire, England. The experience was courtesy of Ghost Pubs. Edale is a beautiful place but you may see the occasional dead mouse. That is it! The rest is gorgeous. Fieldhead campsite has such as a river or brook. It was right next to our tent. There were other people around. However, they were all fine. None of them were degenerates or chavs. It tends to be very peaceful there, unless you get children playing in a river. It is clearly marked to say not to do not so. I usually get up very late but there my father woke me up at 9AM. You get used to it but it can be a bit of a pain. It started to rain. It was so rainy that you could say the rain bullets down upon the tent, giving you a calm relaxing noise of taping on the tent. Dad and I played cards, which was great. I won the victory; it was so sweet that it felt that my victory never happened.

The Rambler Inn

This is a nice place, within a few strides of Fieldhead campsite. It sells food and drink; it’s a great place. The food in the Ramblers Inn is of high quality and “a must eat”. The drinks are of decent quality. Here, pints are actually pints rather than half full. However, there is something else there too. A ghost was seen apparently by a member of staff called Darren. He saw a ghostly figure next to the cash till in the front room. It was recorded on CCTV. The bartender only saw it when the CCTV clip was played. He was freaked out by the ghostly being; albeit, other staff members seem to have confusion over whether it was ever there.

The Old Nags Head

The food here is excellent and superior to most food in pubs. They even have a carvery. It tastes so good you keep coming back for more; it is the same with the drinks. They have their own branded ale. It’s called Nag’s Ale 1577. It sounds great does it not? Well, it is great; it is £3.50 or so (at the time of writing) for a pint of it. The volume of the alcohol is 5.1%. A ghost is also said to be in this pub. Two staff members said they have been seeing shadows for quite some time now. Shadows of people who were said once to work there but died in horrible accidents. Either this, that they were both bartenders in 1900s, or it’s those pesky military chaps from crashed aircraft in WW2.