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White Horse

30-32 Station Road, Broughton Astley, Leicester, Leicestershire

When an old cellar was excavated during recent renovation, it released the ghost of a previous proprietor. For the most part, it is poltergeist activity with radios and television sets turning on and off with no one nearby. Unplugged electrical equipment has mysteriously moved from one room to a different part of the White Horse during the night. Doors, which had been locked at night, are found to be open the following morning. A black figure has frequently appeared in mirrors, with the figure of a woman has been witnessed by staff and guests. This mirror ghost , witnesses describe, to some elderly village people, with reporter say the description was that of a proprietor who had died many years ago. One man, who worked here for three years, said that he had experienced many strange occurrences. ‘I was there when the radio turned itself on and when a gravy boat threw itself across the kitchen at a member of staff. I’ve heard mumblings and footsteps from this empty pub.’