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Angel Hotel

High Street, Market Harborough

At the top end of the town, the Angel looks across a wide expanse of road that may have been the market place at one time. It is a former 16th century coaching inn, with presents as a fine example of Georgian architecture. The hotel had close links with the Leicester to Northampton canal. In1809, a splendid feast was enjoyed by local dignitaries to celebrate the opening of that canal, which began first planning and building stages in 1797. During the Napoleonic Wars, a large number of officers were billeted here. Over the years, there have been sightings of a young woman, dressed in a long grey dress, appearing as a ghost throughout the building. These spectacles have been reported by staff and residents staying here. During an investigation by a psychic medium, it was concluded that this phantom had been murdered in the old stables many years ago. This investigation also had an unusual result; Investigators captured ghostly images on digital cameras.