Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Gedling

The Admiral Rodney

Main Street, Calverton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

The pub name is after George Brydges, Lord Rodney, a distinguished admiral in the 18th century, who was born at Woolaton, Nottinghamshire. A man called Tom was the innkeeper at the Admiral Rodney until 1875. He now haunts the building. Locals knew have passed down storied about him. There are also reports of phantom children seen and heard around the building. One, a ghost called Sarah, a former serving girl, is the most active phantom. She frequently appears to throw items of clothing and kitchen equipment in a rough and frightening manner. There is additionally, the phantom of a man wearing a black suit from the 1940s, who makes the odd and frightening, appearance. The village is not free from ghosts, either. The main road in Calverton exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a man wearing a tweed suit, flat cap and a ginger beard strolling through. There is also the ghost of a woman in white, who appears waiting at a village bus stop.