Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Gedling

Nags Head

Main Street, Woodborough, Nottinghamshire

As a tradition, it was usual for criminals on their way to be hanged at the hilltop above the Nag’s Head, to drop in at this old coaching inn for their last drink of Nottingham Ale. One of them refused this tempting offer. It was conveyed by prison wagon to his execution. Three minutes after his execution, his reprieve arrived. This unfortunate man haunts the Nag’s Head, wearing early Victorian working clothes, with there is a sound of weeping. There are accounts of poltergeist activity with machines rocking backwards and forwards, lights going out and a chair scraping across a room with no one nearby. The last man to be publicly hanged, after a visit to the Nag’s Head, was William Wells in April 1827 for highway robbery. There are no less than five ghosts at this 500 years old coaching inn. A large number of coaches called here daily. However, the entry to the inn was low with a steep slope. There were several deaths caused over the years by speeding coaches. Passengers and servants carrying luggage for them were crushed against the walls. They are among those who still haunt the inn.