Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Erewash

The Noahs Ark

2 Nottingham Road, Borrowash, Derby, Derbyshire

Although several medieval pubs were called the Noah’s Ark. people named it after a counterfeiter and coin shaver in 1676. Noah Bullock built a biblical ark, which he kept on the River Derwent. He built up his illegal business. Coining was a widespread crime in the 17th century. The penalty was for it was to be hanged. It was becoming more difficult to forge coins, as milled edges. Inscriptions around the coins were introduced. Sir Simon Degge of Babington Hall, a magistrate and acquaintance of Noah Bullock, heard rumours of the forgery business, sent for Bullock, with asked to see a specimen. On assurance that he would escape prosecution, Bullock broke up his ark. Presumably took up a legitimate way of living. He carried on living in Derby, had several more children. He died in 1687. The present Noah’s Ark pub replaced its predecessor, the old Noah’s Ark in 1919. It then took on its present typical early 1900s pub architecture of mock Tudor. Many people drowned in the Derwent over the years, with their bodies taken to the Noah’s Ark for police. This was for a doctor to attend before an inquest. A medium, who investigated the Noah’s Ark, said it was haunted by a large number of these dead people. This included Bullock himself. This medium said at the time that these are lost souls seeking a pathway to the next life.