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The Bell Inn

Firsby Road, Halton Holegate, Spilsby, Lincolnshire

A four centuries old pub, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a black Labrador dog said to have belonged to a bomber pilot in the Second World War. It is a fine, white painted country pub, with much in the way of interior beaming and exposed brickwork. One Halton phenomenon is claimed to foretell an imminent death in the village, with has become , locals knew, as ‘Clay’s Light’. Thomas Clay was a bachelor, who lived alone in a small hut about a mile from the church. He was a churchwarden, with every Sunday evening walked from his house across the fields to the parish church for the evening service. Thomas refused to go by the road to church. When he died, he left a will stating that on the funeral day, he wished the bearers to carry his coffin across the fields on its last journey to the church. He left sufficient money to pay for this. However, his wishes were disregarded, with he was brought to the church along the road. On the evening of the funeral, as soon as darkness fell, villagers saw a brilliant light travel from Clay’s hut across the fields through the churchyard and settle on the church tower. This ball of light appears regularly, with foretells a death in the village.