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Best Western Vine Hotel

Vine Rd, Skegness

Now, here is a splendid conundrum to ponder. Are there coincidences in the phantom world? In the 1820s, the poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, stayed at the Vine Hotel, where he penned Come into the Garden, Maud. This was inspired by the fine grounds of the Vine Hotel. Some years later, the owner of the Vine was a man called Alfred Lord Tennyson, who now haunts the hotel as a figure in the garden with two dogs. The Vine dates from 1784, when it locals knew it as the Skegness Hotel, with advertised as a safe place for sea bathing. It was not quite so safe for a local customs officer investigating connections between the hotel and smuggling. An assailant took his life here. In 1902, his skeleton someone found bricked up when renovations were being made. There was sufficient evidence about him to show he had been a Revenue Officer who had disappeared in the early 1800s.Now his ghost , witnesses see, striding along hotel corridors, with still in uniform.