Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Derbyshire Dales

The Bull i th Thorn

Ashbourne Road, Hurdlow, Derbyshire, Flagg

A pub with a most curious name, with has history over seven centuries. Original maps show a farmhouse on the site, with the pub people called after an oak carving inside that building from the 15th century. This fine carving shows a bull entangled in a thorn bush. It has two resident ghosts, a cavalier from the English Civil War, who parades in fine clothing in the car park. The second is the ghost of a girl, aged about eight, who is usually playful when she manifests. At other times, she can be naughty. She has thrown books and jugs at members of staff. There is also the frequent. However, unexplained odour, of pipe tobacco in rooms that have not been occupied. For a large part of the 18th century, the pub was a coaching stage between Derby and Manchester.