Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Derby

The Old Bell

Sadler Gate, Derby, Derbyshire

At present, the Tudor style frontage appears to be undergoing some renovation. Since its establishment in 1680, there are several ghosts here. St Mary’s Bridge in Derby once sported the bodies and limbs of executed criminals and priests. There are still shrill cries, with moaning heard in the early morning. However, there is a more solid manifestation, that of the ‘Victorian Lady’. She unexpectedly manifests in a bar. She then slowly disappears as people watch. There is also a poltergeist. On one occasion, it threw a wooden coat hanger. It struck a barmaid on the back of the head. In an upstairs room, witnesses have seen the ghost of a servant girl on many occasions. She is dressed in 18th century style of dress. Rumour has it that, in 1745 killed, retreating Scottish rebels her. Sometimes she appears when children are ill. Spectators see her bending over them. She gives them a pat on back to make them better.