Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Derby


41 Iron Gate, Derby

This establishment has a history from 1688. It stands on Iron Gate. During its long history, it has gone under the name of the George, Jorrocks, and Laffertys. Since 2005, it reverted to the name of the foxhunter in a book by Robert Smith Surtees. It is a former coaching inn. It was at one time a location for men who did not have town houses. It once hosted the Duke of Devonshire as a resident. It was the headquarters of the duke. Back then, locals knew it as the George. Here, he raised the Derbyshire Blues. This was a counterforce to fight off the Highland army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Something, however, went wrong with the duke’s plans. In 1745, the Highland army of almost ten men arrived. The prince demanded accommodation at that inn. Chances are that he was murdered; as some years ago, workers found a skull, skeleton, shoes, and other items in a pit. At first, authorities considered it a comparatively recent murder scene. Forensic scientists later reported that it had taken place many years previously. As a result, Jorrocks exhibits ghostly manifestations. One ghost is a man with long hair and a blue coat. Witnesses have frequently seen him on the landing. Since that time, however, curious poltergeist activities have taken place. For instance, steel buckets apparently move of their own accord. Beer barrels move away from fastenings. Reporters have heard strange moaning sounds in the cellar. There is also the occasional manifestation of the figure of a woman with a misty outline.