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Knights Lodge

Tower Hill Road, Corby, Northamptonshire

The inn dates from the seventeenth century. It is on the site of a twelfth century knight's residence. Consequently, it is not amazing that agents have numbered eight different apparitions here. Barmaids have had their skirts lifted, their bottoms squeezed, and their thighs tickled with what they have guaranteed to feel like quills. One of the phantoms at the Knights Lodge is a Cavalier. He wears an ostrich feathered cap. Audience members hear the phantom from a void room. Nonetheless, one may hear happy qualities of youthful female giggling and gab. There are additionally reports of ghost footfalls on the staircase and a short-lived impression of a shadowy figure barely before it vanishes. A late proprietor reported seeing a hooded friar, evidently at petition to God and an electrical technician has declined to complete one specific employment. He kept up that an imperceptible phantom had vigorously pushed about him. There is likewise the unforeseen smell of lilies, out of season, on a staircase where a young woman fell and kicked the bucket numerous years back.