Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Welwyn Hatfield

The Eight Bells

2 Park Street, Old Hatfield, Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Pub regulars talk of three diverse spooky spectres ­ a young person, an old woman seen at the bar , and an old man meandering along an upstairs hallway. The pub has a particular a phantom with normal propensities. A few employees have been woken at 0440 by the inclination of something physical weighing down on them. When a past proprietor, Gary Manning, woke to discover a woman’s face floating above him. Gary even reported an episode of loss of motion; this is not a remarkable thing and is not paranormal however, for Gary's situation it happened to be at 4:40 AM. Employees loathed one end of the upstairs passage. In the same range, Gary has seen a slouched dull shadow. Different appearances include a little young woman seen by a room chimney. Occupants have reported an inclination of being watched by some presence. The sound of a young person singing has been listened. A large portion of this was upstairs yet the first floor zone is additionally influenced with glasses moving around in the bar, circuits blowing, frequently dilute can be seen running the dividers where there are no water channels and the warming some of the time misbehaving for no reason.