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The Brocket Arms

Ayot St Lawrence, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Ayot Saint Lawrence

One aged monk from a nearby monastery still keeps his vigil, with patrols his earthly patch at the Brocket Arms. The pub and monastery were built about the same time. There is legend that he hanged himself in what is now the bar of the Brocket Arms. Those working at the pub have described him as wearing a long brown garment with a cowl and his head bent forward. Nearby is Shaw’s Corner, the home of George Bernard Shaw, for over 40 years. An apocryphal tale is told, explaining why he moved here. Wandering through the local churchyard with friends, he came across a gravestone dedicated to a woman who had died aged 96. The epitaph read, “Alas, her time on earth was short’’. Shaw said that that would do nicely for him, too.