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Crown Inn

60-62 Blyburgate, Beccles, Suffolk

In this pub, a ghost walks up the stairs. However, never back down again. One proprietor, many years ago, found her way barred to one part of the pub by a phantom that stood in front of her. A portrait of the Laughing Cavalier in one bar crashed to the ground. This occurred whilst cigarette packets flew around and beer tankards rattled. Other pictures, with even the dartboard, have fallen from the wall, with no one there to cause it. At nearby Roos Hall there is a plenitude of phantoms. These include Old Nick's footprints on one wall. Another is a coach and eight driven through the grounds by a headless drive. There is a ghost monk, who patrols the gardens. Finally, there is a woman in white. In the grounds of the 16th century mansion, beside the road to Bungay, is an oak tree , locals knew, as Nelson's Tree. Its name was this in honour of the admiral's associations with nearby Barsham. Locals claim that this 'contorted' tree people used as a gallows at one time. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghosts of its victims. Further, the apparition of a woman in white , witnesses have seen, to circle the oak at night, with walking around it six times to conjure up the Devil.