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Angel Hotel

Thoroughfare, Halesworth, Southwold

With history from the 16th century, the Angel has been the most important building as the former post house, coaching inn and a main meeting place for the people of Halesworth. As far back as 1784, there has been a bowling green attached to the hotel. The name of the hotel has been in use since the medieval period, to reflect the early connection between religious establishments and traveller’s hostels. At some time in its history, Squire Baker, was a frequent customer. He was of an uncertain temper, with threw a local vicar down a staircase, breaking his legs. The Angel exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include one of these men, with it is not certain which. It is also haunted by a murderer, John Ducker, who killed a police officer, Ebenezer Tye in 1862, during a burglary in Chediston Street, for which Ducker , authorities hanged, and This , people have claimed, to have been the last public hanging in Suffolk.