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The White Hart

London Rd, Blythburgh, Halesworth, Suffolk

Once the local courthouse, the White Hart has a large interior oak door. From time to time, there have been furious poundings on it. Many new licensees have rushed to open the door, to find there is no one there. Local legend has it that it is the ghost of a monk from a former nearby religious establishment. Apart from that, there are modern reports of a coach and horses rattling past on the road to Walberswick. It is being driven by the ghost of Toby, a black soldier drummer hanged for the murder and rape of a local girl. Tobias Gill, a drummer in the Dragoons, had been thrown out of the White Hart one night for drunkenness. He met Ann Blakemore, raped and murdered her, with then passed out near her body. Nearby Five Finger Post, area exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of a woman murdered in 1750. She appears in front of car drivers, causing them to swerve before she disappears. In the 17th century a pamphleteer Abraham Fleming, wrote that the ‘Black Dog’ and the Devil appeared at the parish church. Fleming reported: ‘Placing himself upon a maine balk or beam, suddenly he gave a swing down through ye Church’ killing two men and a boy, with burning someone's hand in his progress. He went out through the north door, traditionally the Devil's Door, and, when this was cleaned in the 1930s, long black marks , people found, which people connected with the Black Dog's visitation.