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Kings Head

17 Market Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk

At this town pub, a customer took a film camera photograph, with when it was developed, one print showed a curious circle of light by the fireplace. Coincidentally, there was a medium in the building at the time when the photograph was exhibited. This psychic person said they felt the presence of a young child in that area just before the image had been taken. The most important Anglo-Saxon site in the United Kingdom, the Sutton Hoo Saxon royal burial ship is just outside the town. There have been reports over the years that the ghosts of Anglo-Saxon soldiers have been witnessed on that site, subsequently found to have been a burial mound. The so-called Rendlesham Forest event took place in 1980. Unexplained lights were viewed in the sky, adjacent to RAF Woodbridge, a United States Air Force base. This led to claims that a UFO had landed in the forest. The incident continues to interest ufologists. There have since been vigorous debates between those who believe that an alien spacecraft landed, with sceptics with alternative explanations.