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White Hart Hotel

23-25 Holywell Hill, St Albans

There is a headless woman wandering the interior as a ghost, at this six centuries old former coaching inn. A young woman, Elizabeth Wilson, was decapitated when a horse drawn carriage sped through under low arches, hit her and she died instantaneously. The cellar exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a previous proprietor, who hanged himself from a beam. This apparition , observers describe, as having ‘an unearthly and evil face’. It is also haunted by two small children, one a boy who lashes out with a stick at peoples’ legs and another boy seen sitting near a fireplace where he died in 1803. In one extraordinary haunting, a man staying here saw a misty image appear on the bedroom mirror saying ‘Meet me in room 7 at 7-30’. He called the manageress who reported that the writing was ‘big, bold and childish of a chalky substance’. She erased it. However, when the guest returned to his room, the message was back.