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The Hare and Hounds

104 Sopwell Lane, St. Albans, St Albans, Hertfordshire

A standout amongst the most appalling stories clarifies the apparition at this three centuries old town pub. It is a fine looking Georgian style building, white painted on two stories with an old and customary pubs name. At one time, there was a hangman's tree close by. Here, throughout the years powers have hanged incalculable fugitives and offenders. Powers covered their bodies in a mass grave beside the site of the Hare and Hounds. On one event, a barmaid went down into the basements. As she was half route down, she solidified with a chilling apprehension. She saw an immense dark shape. It was heading up the stairs and which encompassed her entire body. It seemed to her that the shape was gobbling her up and heard a voice shout 'Get out'. She figured out how to battle move down the staircase and caved in at the top. Locals accept that the site of the grave had opened up and the apparitions of those executed were getting away.