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The Goat Inn

37 Sopwell Lane, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, St Albans

It is a curious pub name, which may have its origins in a primitive belief on the scapegoat principle. At one time, it was believed a goat could absorb all the ills and misfortunes that affect people or animals. It was a widespread country practice to keep a goat with stock. This was in the belief this would keep the cattle healthy. It was another practice to parade a goat around a house, where people were ill. Therefore, the disease would be supposedly carried away in the goat’s body. This Goat Inn was originally a private house that became an inn in 1587. It was a well-, locals knew, coaching inn and the busiest brothel in St Albans. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include sounds of a coach being driven through the present archway during the night. There are often the ghostly sounds of merry laughter and shouting from what , people say, to be young women who frequented the inn during the 16th century. This is always late at night. However, no one has had physical sight of these 16th century parties. In the early hours of the morning, live in employees have been terrified when they are awakened by a fearsome sound in their bedroom. They sit up to find a malevolent face staring at them from the end of their bed.