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The Scole Inn

Ipswich Road, Scole

One of the most impressive old coaching inns of the county, the Scole Inn dates from over 350 years ago. It still has the imposing archway through to the old courtyard, with inside are oak beams, heavy doors and a carved staircase. Over the years, the resident ghost has been a woman called Emma, murdered on the premises by her husband. She has frequently manifested, wearing a grey dress and bonnet, with always weeping. When authorities arrested him, her spouse told the police she had been unfaithful to him, with relied on that for a defence. The infamous highwayman, John Belcher, also appears as a ghost at the Scole Inn. When pursued by the authorities, he rode his horse up the great staircase and escaped from the top floor. Sounds of clattering hooves are often heard in the old courtyard and inside the inn. In a house near the Scole Inn, a number of likeminded people pursued psychic experiments, with claimed to, have summoned up ‘apports’. These are physical transfers of ghosts from one dimension to another. Those taking part in the experiment maintain that most of these paranormal movements had come from the Scole Inn.