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The Greyhound

2 High St, Sawston, Cambridgeshire

The Greyhound is from the sixteenth century and now the most established pub in Sawston. There have been a few records of apparitions frequenting the Greyhound throughout the years. Mary Tudor stayed at Sawston Hall. It was home of the Huddleston family, whilst military with regal spies were looking for her in 1553. Legend has it that the room she utilized at Sawston Hall displays spooky signs. These incorporate the qualities of an individual playing on a spinet. While taping The Night Comers in the zone, the performing artist, Marlon Brando, rested in a four-blurb bunk in this room. He grumbled he had heard nothing of this profound music, or seen a solitary apparition. Further, there are reports of hauntings at Sawston Hall. These incorporate a Gray Lady, a Cavalier, a night guardian, and a high school young girl. There are actually ringing alerts and shaking doorknobs. Powers sentenced her to death by pressing. This was for harbouring a cleric. For her situation, there was a less horrendous sentence due to her delicate years. Seen in the room in which she had rested, Mary Tudor's phantom seems grinning with wearing the same dress as in her representation, hanging somewhere else in the building.