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The Anchor Inn

High Street, Canewdon, Rochford, Essex

The Anchor Inn has seen television remote controls flying over the room, heard puzzling cries of a child, and noticed unexplained fragrance. Catering staff have seen knives thrown. There are ghost stories about the village. The most popular phantom is the silvery woman who purportedly buoys down from the west door of the church towards the Crouch River. She is referred to as Sarah. Back in the 1500s, she engaged in extramarital relations with a rich landowner. She became pregnant. The landowner’s wife figured it out and looked Sarah away. She was held in the building that become the Anchor bar. Subsequent to having the child, Sarah was killed. The nearby church goes back to the fourteenth century. Legend has it that on the off chance that you run against clockwise round it on Halloween, the Devil will show up! This has yet to be demonstrated.