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The Wild Man

29 Bedford Street, Norwich, Norfolk

In 1724, a boy someone found living wild in the woods near Hanover, Germany. For some strange reason, he was brought back to England by George 1, with handed over into the care of a man at Berkhamsted. The boy ran away from there, with walked the roads finally arriving at Norwich. He was unable to speak English, dressed in ragged clothing. It locals knew it to his captors as Peter the Wild Boy. After a spell in the Bridewell Prison, Norwich, with another prison, he was eventually returned to his guardian. He died aged 73. There are other pubs named Wild Man or Wild Boy throughout the country. Staff members at the Norwich Wild Man say they have seen the ghost of a young boy in a grey suit run across the bar area, with disappear up the staircase. Despite a careful search, no trace of him could be found. This boy , people have claimed, to have died in the cellar in a fire many years ago. Now, the employees have heard the sound of heavy barrels, rolling across the floor of the cellar late at night, although no one is working there.