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Lollards Pit

69-71 Riverside Rd, Norwich, Norfolk

Until recently, this roadside pub people called the Bridge House. It is now renamed Lollard’s pub. On the face of it, an amusing name, probably from Old Dutch to mumble as one speaks. However, it someone named after Lollard’s Pit. This was from an infamous and vile period in the history of Norwich, when it was a place of execution for heretics. During the 14th century, the forerunners of the English Reformation called for reform within the Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of John Wycliffe. Those who followed him were deemed heretics, with were burned to death on a site near the bridge. The pub people used as holding cells for criminals, many of whom died there. Lollard’s exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include phantoms and apparitions from those dreadful days. The figures of black shapes have , witnesses saw, shifting along corridors, with sporadically, there has been the vision of a woman surrounded by flames. This blazing apparition quickly vanishes, although witnesses reported there were no signs of burning near the site.