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Adam and Eve

17 Bishopgate, Norwich, Norfolk

A fine town pub, it was first opened in the 13th century as a simple brew house for stonemasons, artisans and labourers on the nearby cathedral. There are several ghosts haunting the Adam and Eve, the best, locals knew, being Lord Sheffield. During Kett’s rebellion of 1549, when an army of insurgents briefly took Norwich, Lord Sheffield was hacked to death. Over the years, licensees have reported a phantom bell ringing in the upper bar, when no one is in that room. Then they know the ghost of Sheffield, nicknamed Sam’ is around. Another is the ghost of James Rush, a popular customer, who in the 19th century attempted to murder the Norwich Recorder, Isaac Jeremy and his son. Rush, authorities hanged, in 1849. However, his ghost returned to the Adam and Eve. Frequently, members of staff report the sensation of an invisible being running fingers through their hair, although no one is nearby. In 2006, a man reported seeing a ghostly hand and arm holding a human head in the pub’s car park. At one time, the proprietor was Elizabeth Howes, who owned a wherry boat called the Adam and Eve, transporting sand. It was a marvellous ploy, for on return, her boat smuggled in much of the contraband flowing into Norwich. It is a lovely little pub. It is not far from the cathedral. There are several small rooms inside this establishment. It has a low beamed ceiling, leaded windows, and church settles. Adam and Eve was a popular pub name at one time. However, probably the most apt, was the Adam and Eve at Paradise in Gloucestershire.