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Three Horseshoes

Scottow, Norwich, Norfolk

Often seen sitting in the corner of the pub, a male apparition is also heard walking around the Three Horseshoes. He is further held responsible for interfering with electrical equipment. A female apparition additionally haunts the building, with her exotic perfume is sporadically caught on a sudden draught. She has manifested on occasion in the stage area of the Three Horseshoes. Some say it is a man, others a woman. However, the ghost has been nicknamed ‘George’. Previous licensees have reported personal articles being spirited away. They are convinced it is the demonic work of the pub poltergeist. Periodically, the heavy front door is unbolted by invisible hands. Coincidentally, poundings and weighty footsteps , listeners hear, from the bar. The invisible visitor strides across the floor, stops abruptly, with leaves behind an eerie silence. In the private accommodation, another phantom, walking or running , commentators have heard, , with not stopping for the walls. It , reports claim, on occasions that there are signs of imprints from shoes without a tread following this incident