Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in North Norfolk

The Old Hall Inn

Sea Palling, Norwich, Norfolk

A psychic investigation group moved into the Old Hall Inn some 30 years ago after good reports of ghosts haunting the pub. They employed what was, at the time, sophisticated equipment. This equipment picked up strange sounds, with other information that suggested something was afoot. In the first instance, it was thought this was the ghost of a Mary Cubbitt. She was a woman who had lived nearby in the 1740s. However, the team was determined on the psychic information it received, that it was the ghost of another local woman, Kitty Taylor. On many occasions, the ghost of a woman, dressed in grey, has been observed sitting on the windowsill of the TV room. Coincidentally, there is a dramatic drop in temperature to almost freezing point in that room. There has also been the intense odour of a tobacco in bedrooms when they have been left unoccupied. On one occasion, the proprietor saw a tall column of grey smoke traverse the dining room, with into the kitchen. She maintained at the time there appeared to be the figure of a person, man or woman she could not tell, wrapped within that ghostly pillar.