Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in North Hertfordshire

The Red Hart

28-29 Bucklersbury, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

With history over fine centuries, the Red Hart , people have claimed, to be the site of the last public hanging of a highwayman in the county, with possibly in England. In March 1868, William Worsley , authorities hanged, for robbing and beating William Bradbury, who died shortly afterwards from his injuries. There have been frequent sights of the ghost of Bradbury, seen on the upper floor of the Red Hart. Over the years, several members of employees have awaked to find the ghost of an elderly man sitting at the end of their beds. When they have either shouted or screamed out, the apparition disappears. It is a fine example of an old inn, with much in the way of external beaming. It someone named after the male of the red deer.