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Magpie Inn

Norwich Road, Little Stonham, Stonham Parva, Stowmarket, Suffolk

There is much folklore behind the name of the magpie, including the old tale that if the bird taps at a window it is supposed to be a death warning. Other tales include the refusal of the magpie to enter the ark, with is an indicator of approaching storms if seen flying alone. Even today, certain superstitious folk spit when they see a single magpie, as they are usually accompanied by their mate. One researcher found the proper greeting for one magpie is "Hello magpie, you thieving sod, where's your fellow jailbird?” As a pub name, it has been popular for a couple of centuries. This Magpie, at the splendidly named Stonham Parva, has history from the 15th century with 16th and 19th century additions. It is a Second-grade listed building since it has a sign that spans the road. Within living memory, a live magpie was kept in a cage on the pub's wall as a living pub-sign. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include both ghosts and poltergeists. Frequently a male apparition figure has been observed, as has the ghost of an elderly woman. The poltergeists plague the building, opening windows in the depth of winter, with interfering with the electrical equipment.