Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Luton

The Four Horseshoes

80 Park Street, Luton, Bedfordshire

For centuries, the horseshoe has been lucky object. People use it as a talisman in the struggle against witches. The powers of evil; having four horseshoes was similar to winning the lottery in the paranormal stakes, except it did not work well for a proprietor here. In July 1908, there was a dreadful fire in the pub, which razed it to the ground. The proprietor, William Littlewood Clifford, had died in the fire. According to a report in the Luton News, someone found his body lying where the flames had been fiercest. He clutched the till in his arms, with all the takings, ten shillings with one halfpenny. Clifford haunts the pub. He manifested wearing a white shirt with dark coloured trousers. Members of staff at the four horseshoes frequently hear the sound of someone counting coins when they are working in the bar. This is always when no one else is present who could have been checking loose change. A highwayman, who preyed on coaches with wealthy travellers nearby before authorities arrested him with later hanged, also haunts it.