Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Kings Lynn and West Norfolk

Dukes Head Hotel

Tuesday Market Place, Kings Lynn

More than four centuries old, it was an important shelter for stagecoaches between Yarmouth, Norwich and London. Through the years, it was a story of a woman dressed in 16th-century dress haunting the inn, with weeping. He maintains this is the Earthbound Spirit by Margaret Read, a local witch. She was an employee at the hotel and had poisoned her mistress in 1590. Legend, Read was boiled to death in a large pot in Tuesday Market Place, close by. In a moment, her heart broke for her body and flew through the air in the wall, where we can still see the mark. Figure in red was a witness walking the corridors of the Dukes Head, with gliding or floating, upstairs. Many folks believed she is to be the ghost of a woman who killed herself over her two lovers. One room exhibits ghostly manifestations, after a suicide attempt. His ghostly moaning, heard during the night, had exerted a nation. During First World WarI, the number of people called the ' Sandringham Pals ', disappeared Suvla on August 8, 1915. Observing girls last saw them walking into a strange cloud. There were accounts from some of the people living in Kings Lynn. They were customers in the hotel, with several of them are still in residence as black apparitions, moving around in the hours of darkness.