Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Huntingdonshire

The White Hart

35 High Street, Warboys, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

It is a fine thatched inn. Builders in part rebuilt it after a serious fire some years ago. The plague descended on Warboys in 1557 and 117 people died from it. Some poor souls haunt village cottages still. Several of these people had died in the old inn. Witnesses have seen black shapes accompanied by loud moaning. In 1593, the authorities arrested a witch Alice Samuel, her husband, John with daughter, Agnes. They were tortured for witchcraft, on the first occasion at this inn. Afterwards the authorities hanged them all. Alice haunts the White Hart. The authorities to have put curses on people, who then went into fitting, with died, alleged the three. Part of the evidence was that Lady Cromwell, (grandmother of Oliver Cromwell), had visited them. Lady Cromwell later became ill with died, said to have been from witchcraft. Following this event, the three alleged witches were tortured at this inn. Later the authorities took them to Huntingdon, where their trials took place. They all admitted to possession of at least eight familiars, animal communicators with the Devil. Sir Henry Cromwell confiscated their property. He used it to pay for an annual sermon against witchcraft at Huntingdon in perpetuity. This continued until 1812.