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The Golden Lion Hotel

Market Hill, Saint Ives

One ghost that makes an appearance here is a woman in green with doors opening. In one instance, a guest had the bedclothes ripped from her by the Green Lady. There have also been reports of pictures dropping off walls. There were also bells ringing during the night without human hand setting them off. Legend has it the Golden Lion exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include Oliver Cromwell. On the 13th of each month, his ghost manifests. It walks along a corridor to a room in which he once stayed. The Cambridge University Society for Psychical Research investigated some 30 years ago. However, nothing happened during their visit. However, it seemed that ‘they’ knew, with as soon as the experts had left, they were up to their antics again. Bells rang throughout the inn, beer taps ran, with doors burst open of their own accord. Ghosts of the Green Lady with a Cavalier from the English Civil War have, witnesses saw, to glide separately across rooms. They then disappear through walls. A strange ghost boat, witnesses have seen, sailing along the river with moor up at a nearby quay. Those who have seen this ghostly spectacle say that a group of men disembark wearing 17th century style dark grey uniforms.