Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Fenland

The Bell Inn

Main Road, Elm, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Although it does not create too much alarm and despondency, this inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a previous proprietor. He was Harry Kirk, employed as an assistant hangman between 1941 with 1950 before taking up a living at this pub. Kirk was assistant hangman at 35 executions. Harry Kirk had worked as an assistant to Stanley Cross, Tom, with Albert Pierrepoint on 35 occasions. He had a very short career as a principal hangman. When he executed Norman Goldenthorpe at Norwich in November 1950 for the murder of 66-year-old Emma Howe at Yarmouth, observers heard snorting sounds coming from the prisoner. This was apparently due to the hood sticking in the eyelet of the noose. This was Kirk’s first with last hanging as principal. When he appears at the Bell Inn, he is wearing a brown suit with brown boots. A disgraced monk that locals knew him as Ignatius the Bell Ringer haunts the parish church. Witnesses see him wearing a brown robe with sandals. He often appears as a phantom at the vicarage. There is the ghostly church bell that tolls from time to time, said to be by the hands of Ignatius. Apparently, the only person to hear it is the wife of the serving rector. However, it has always foretold a death in the village within several days. Father Ignatius further haunts Elm Hill, Norwich. He was infamous for threatening anyone who opposed him with eternal damnation. At least three people who disagreed with him died within 24 hours. Many witnesses have seen his ghost patrolling the hill at night with a Bible in hand, loudly cursing passers-by.