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Angel Hotel

Alexandra Road, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

The town centre Angel exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a previous chef whose ghost glows orange in the bar. Some of those who have seen him say he appears to have burns to his face with arms. Every time kitchen tools disappear; they put it down to that chef being mean minded. In the Quaker burial ground, there is the body of Jane Stuart. She reputed to be the natural daughter of James 2nd, half-sister to Queens Mary with Elizabeth. On the death of her fiancé, she disguised herself with journeyed to Wisbech, where she took cheap lodgings near the Old Market. She worked as a field reaper to support herself. She then took to spinning yarn for worsted cloth and, while she was selling that cloth, recognised the Duke of Argyll, who had been searching for her. She hid away. She later died in obscurity. Her only recreation was reading the New Testament in Greek. She is the apparition said to haunt the old market place. After King John lost his treasure at Wisbech, there is legend that he still haunts the town. His ghost is searching for the men said to have found it. It was spirited it away late at night on a flat-bottomed village wagon.