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The George Hotel

1 North Street, Bishops Stortford

Standing here for over five centuries, since 1417, the George is the town’s oldest former coaching inn. Over the years, a woman in grey is surrounded by a green mist. She has haunted the building. When perceived, she disappears. Could it be that a woman murdered at the George is still in ghostly residence? SReports claim that to have been stabbed by an intruder at her bedroom door, with fell backwards into her room. Further, there is the ghost of another woman in a separate bedroom, clutching at her body as though cowering from an attack. Other guests have fled in panic when they saw the bedroom and wardrobe doors open of their own accord. One worker, who knew nothing about the ghost, was so terrified by the strong sensation of being watched that he fled the room, with refused to return. Within one room, there is an oak door. It has a handle that is , locals knew, to be over two hundred years old. This door has not been opened for years, with no one knows what lies behind it. North Street runs alongside the George and police on patrol have reported seeing a ghostly man. He is standing and staring at something on the pavement. As the police approach, the man disappears