Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in East Hertfordshire

The Boars Head

Windhill, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire

As a pub name, this dates from the fourteenth century. It relates to the old custom of serving a pig's head with a fruit in its mouth. It has much of a seventeenth century style of building design with rooms overhanging the asphalt and dark unique Tudor shafts on the exterior. The Boars Head is at the town focus. Masons presumably constructed it to house artisans dealing with St Michael's congregation in the fifteenth century. Reports assert the pub that ghosts supernaturally inhabit the location and have done so for a long time. There have been incessant sightings of the Gray Lady. Witnesses see her, to stroll from the pub, cross the street to the churchyard and after that downhill into the town. The churchyard of St Michael is additionally spooky by the dark figure of a man, amazingly extensive, moving amongst the graves. Diocesans Stortford is a flawless out-dated town and there is even an antiquated sweetshop. It shows spooky signs. These incorporate a light black assume that goes through the town shouting. Legend has it that this is Bishop Edward Bonner, a sixteenth century Protestant reformer. The Boars Head has a long and distinguished history, having been set up inverse St Michael's congregation since in any event the fifteenth century. It was then the bottling works for the congregation brews. It was gone to by Samuel Pepys, until he had a dropping out with the proprietor and exchanged his faithfulness somewhere else.